This half term, Year 3 have been learning French greetings.

We now know how to say hello, what’s your name?, my name is, how are you?, I am good/very good/bad/so so and goodbye. 

This week we have been rehearsing our French greetings with a partner and then sharing them as a class. Come and see us to say bonjour! 

Harvest in Year 3

This morning, Year 3 have been very busy. We began the day by taking part in the Harvest festival. We sang our song Juicy Fruit beautifully. 

After break,  we were visited by Nursery. We had a wonderful time sharing some delicious harvest bread, singing harvest songs and reading stories. We hope Nursery come back soon!

Get Down to the Beat

Year 3 have enjoyed a special music treat this afternoon.

We have been lucky enough to work with Mr Bennett this afternoon our music specialist here at Rushall. We learnt how to keep to a beat and we even read some music! By the end of the session, we were reading music and playing our drums all at once.  What a fantastic afternoon!

I Remember…

Today in PE, Year 3 have been exploring what life was like in an air raid shelter.

We learned that air raids could last a long time so children had to find things to do to keep themselves occupied and most importantly, happy!

In the pictures you can see us creating some dancing, playing rock paper scissors and even reading books.

Fantastic Fossils

Today, Year 3 learnt all about the fossilisation process in Science. 

We tested how fossils make a mould by using some sweets and a slice of bread.

Once the sweet had been pressed into the bread you could see a mould of it’s shape!