Good Remembering!

This week Year 3 have been working towards retelling chapter 1 of ‘The Snow Queen’.

Today, we have used actions to help us complete an oral retell of chapter 1.

The children worked really well together and have produced part of a fantastic retell.


Today, Year 3 have partnered up with Nursery for PE. The Y3 children have been teaching Nursery how to throw and catch.

We used a few different techniques; overarm throw, underarm throw and we tried rolling the ball and stopping it.

The children had lots of fun and it was clear that everyone was able to improve their throwing and catching skills. Well done everyone!

Miss Hazel is very proud of how Year 3 behaved during the session. They are super role models to our partnership class 🙂 Can’t wait to meet again!

Ice Worlds

Today the children arrived at school to find our classroom had been frozen! The classroom is covered in snow, ice and plenty of sparkle.

We were challenged to hunt around the classroom for 12 letters. Eventually, we found all of the letters and also some clues that led us to work out our new book this term will be ‘The Snow Queen’. We used the clues and the front cover of our book to make some icy predictions about what we thought the story will be about.

The children spent the rest of the day completing other icy activities. We had a go at some music marking to a mystical winter soundscape and created a piece of art that shows a winter landscape using oil pastel and chalk.

Year 3 are so excited to immerse themselves into the Ice Worlds topic, we just can’t wait to see what other snowy treats we have lined up 🙂