Over the last few weeks in our PSHE lessons, we have been learning about Road Safety.   We have been using the A*Stars website to learn about the different aspects of Road Safety.

Before we went on our walk in the local area, we watched some videos, looked at pictures and had some discussions about the different hazards that we might come across while we are walking, or using the roads and pavements.

We had a visit from the A*Stars team yesterday who took us out with our teachers to help us learn more about Road Safety.  We walked out of school, over the bridge, across the pedestrian crossing and into Tame Road.

While we were walking, we had to look out for hazards such as:

  • drives
  • moving cars
  • bins on the pavement
  • holes on the ground
  • T-junctions
  • parked cars

We learned that we must always:


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