Quentin Blake

This term we have been learning about the famous illustrator Quentin Blake. Today, Year 3 have been inspired by his work. Everyone has had a go at drawing themselves as a character using his style.

The children spent some time observing examples of Quentin Blake’s illustrations and discussing what they noticed about his drawing style. Then, they observed Quentin drawing in his own studio by watching some video clips.

We learnt that Quentin draws spontaneously with a pencil and creates his characters from his own imagination rather than observation. At a later stage, Quentin will usually trace his drawing out to get a final drawing using a light box. Lastly, he adds ink outlines usually using a feather quil or a dip pen.

After learning all about that, the children were tasked with using what they had observed to draw a character of themselves. The children tried really hard to take on the style and technique of the famous author.

Native Americans

As part of our new topic based on ‘The Americas’, Year 3 and 4 were visited by a group of people called ‘The American West’ who came to teach us about the way of life of the Native Americans. We learnt about the significance of different types of clothing; why the Native Americans did not cut their hair; how they treated injuries and made medicines; sign language they used; games they played and songs and dances they performed. It was a very interesting lesson which taught us lots of new information about the Native Americans.

Take a look at some of the photographs from the session.